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Data Analysis for Nonprofits

Proposal open date: June 1
Proposal close date: November
Project timeline: March
Project duration: 1 day
Number of projects needed: 3-4

A2DataDive Website


A2DataDive is a community of data enthusiasts with a passion for social and civic service. Their annual DataDive event partners with nonprofit organizations to analyze the organization’s data and present to the nonprofit on the findings of the analysis. 


  • Data analysis
  • Final presentation

Client Requirements 

  • Level of engagement for course/program 
    • Meet with students prior to event to provide data and questions for analysis
    • Provide data to students
  • Special requirements for the course/program 
    • Attend day of event

Additional Details

  • Data: We think it’s important to help people of all experience levels feel empowered to use data — and have fun while doing it.
  • Peer Learning: There are many people in our community who are experts in data collection, analysis, and presentation. By connecting experts and professionals with students and novices, both groups learn together.
  • Non-Profit/Social Service: Many important organizations that serve our region have limited resources that restrict their ability to collect or analyze data in meaningful ways. Helping to accomplish small projects and present ideas or lessons for a non profit’s data work can have a lasting impact.

Past projects

  • African Storybook. Students assisted African Storybook, an organization dedicated to providing children’s stories in African languages, in examining data on storybook downloads and usage across Africa and beyond and creating visualizations. 
  • Ballot Scout. Students were tasked with analyzing a dataset of voting ballot scan points to report information on how long it took ballots to be sent through the mail.

Contact us

Engaged Learning Office |  [email protected] | (734) 763-1251

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