The Human Library, Design for Adult Literacy among ExpoSItion winners

The School of Information’s annual ExpoSItion was held Monday, March 26, 2018. The design showcase featured projects from more than 50 submissions that display skills related to a variety of information careers. 

While some projects were created for the UMSI event, others were the result of efforts from other ventures including Alternative Spring Break and internships. A few projects were developed for submission to the annual international student design competition at the Computer-Human Interaction (CHI) Conference, as well as other national conferences such as the American Library Association (ALA), and the Society of American Archivists (SAA) and others.

Expo project participants could win in the categories of: Archives/Libraries, BSI Capstone, Community/Service/Civic Tech, Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Entrepreneurial/Innovation, and Technology/Design. 

The 2018 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion award went to Maximilian Darr, Ethan Jannott, Bharat Nair and Karan Hallon for their project, LookingBus. The mobile application works with smart technology located in bus stops to help blind and visually impaired individuals use the busing system. The UMSI Diversity Committee’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion award was founded in support of UMSI's stated goal to "make our commitment to diversity part of the fabric of everything we do, visible in our community life, instruction, research and administration of programs and services."

2018 ExpoSItion Winners

Best Category 


  • 1st Prize: The Human Library - Sophia McFadden-Keesling, 
  • Honorable Mention: Kane in Continuity - Kathryn Topham, Samuel Sciolla, Emily Finch 

Community/Service/Civic Tech

  • 1st Prize: Litebox: Design for Adult Literacy- Xindi Wang MSI, Denise BaranVishal Reddy, Nalin Bhatia, Karthik Kota
  • Honorable Mention: Backyard Brains - Uriel Lee, Hunter Charvat, Thomas Kidd, Bari Blitzer


  • 1st Prize: DoIIIT: Building d.Holodeck, a gallery space to showcase research on information and making - Chuan-Che Huang, Allan Martell, Cindy Lin, Gaurang Alat, Shiqing He, Maulishree Pandey, Yujin Gu, Anand Doshi
  • Honorable Mention: LightUp - Mingjie Chen (below)


  • 1st Prize: LiNK (Liberty In North Korea): Sharon Lee, Hanna Jeon, Claire Koo, Haramie Kim (below)
  • Honorable Mention: AthleteJuvo: Gamification for Athlete Rehabilitation Exercises and Social Support - Shih-Ting Lin, Bonnie Lee, Yu-Yin Shen, Chetan Keshav

DEI Award 

  • 1st Prize: LookingBus - Maximilian Darr,Ethan Jannott, Bharat Nair, Karan Hallon
  • Honorable Mention: LiNK (Liberty In North Korea): Sharon Lee, Hanna Jeon, Claire Koo, Haramie Kim 

Best BSI Capstone Project

  • 1st Prize: Flavin Fun- Tyler Walker, Ibrahim Rasheed, Sabine Hutter David Kim
  • Honorable Mention: Ingredients for Success - Terrence Green, Madison Huffman, Amos Cone, Joe Constantino

View all the showcased projects by downloading the expo brochure pdf.     

- Brooke White, UMSI Editorial Assistant

Posted March 30, 2018