SI 487: User Experience Final Project

What is the User Experience (UX) Project?

The goal of the User Experience (UX) final project course is to give seniors in the BSI program an experience of excellence in working with a project sponsor on compelling real-world user experience and interaction problems that involve user requirements analysis, UX design, prototyping and evaluation.

In projects for the UMSI UX capstone project, Bachelor of Science in Information students apply their obtained skills and knowledge in requirements analysis, design and prototyping, and evaluation. A team of three to five students works over the course of about 15 weeks to analyze and address a problem specified by the client that requires assessing the user interaction requirements for a website, software application, mobile app, or other user-facing system. They design and prototype an improved or novel user experience, and evaluate that design or prototype with prospective users.

The course is a semester-long group project offered on a yearly basis during the Winter semester, and projects are lined up in the fall term. If you would like to work with an energetic, well-trained team of students who can help you explore new product or interaction ideas, tackle particular user experience issues, or evaluate and overhaul the user experience of existing products or systems you should submit a proposal for a course project.

Ideal projects/clients

Ideal clients and projects come from the greater Ann Arbor and Detroit region, including all of southeast and central Michigan. We are also open to project proposals from organizations located elsewhere. Our students are excited to work on user experience projects with companies, public institutions, government entities, non-profits and research institutions.

Student teams have their initial meetings with the client in mid-January to learn more about the project. Clients should support their student team by facilitating UX requirements analysis (e.g., by providing system access and facilitating meetings with stakeholders), and with regular meetings (e.g., weekly or bi-weekly meetings) to answer further questions and providing input during the UX design, prototyping and evaluation phases. Students will present their project outcomes in a project report and final presentation in April, which clients are invited to attend in person or remotely.

Students can work on projects which are pre-launch/alpha/beta, provided that adequate student access can be provided during the duration of the course and students can write a project report and present their work to fellow students and members of the University of Michigan community (exceptions can be made upon request). 

Project proposal submission

Interested organizations should contact Assistant Professor Florian Schaub with their UX project ideas.

Contact information

Florian Schaub
Assistant Professor