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Summer 2019

A study on honesty involving lost wallets, smart speaker privacy concerns, "heritage algorithms" and more

Late Spring 2019

A record number of awards at the 2019 CHI Conference, a Prime Minister’s savvy use of social media, online civic engagement and more.

Spring 2019

Kentaro Toyama to deliver iConference Keynote, a Best Paper at LAK, IT for Pakistani fathers and more. 

Late Fall 2018 

A U-M tool measured 'iffy' news on social media, the new UMSI online graduate degree gets final approval, "Digitization for Everyone" and more.

Fall 2018 

Six new faculty, 25,000+ expressions of interest in the first UMSI online degree, a new website to promote digital citizenship and more.

Winter 2018

The first social robot designed for the home, a graduate certificate in AR/VR/MR, human trust in autonomous vehicles, making sense of privacy policies and more.

Fall 2017

A Techmobile cruises the American west, lifetime honors for Mark Ackerman, better tools for low digital literacy job seekers, and why the LOC's giant document release matters.

Winter 2016

A Braille-enabled tablet, a top-three free online course, debating big data, two honorable mentions at CSCW and more.

Spring 2015

A new book by Kentaro Toyama, a new endowed faculty position and two new commissioned reports on digital curation and team science and more.

Winter 2015

A self-paced online course on Internet history, global temperature explained in 30 seconds, a film-producer/professor and more.

Fall 2014

Medicaid fraud fears unfounded, a treasury of African music recordings is rescued, slow search may produce better results and more.

Summer 2014

How mothers decide what to post on Facebook, assistive technology creates "small wonders" in the developing world, UMSI professor makes Internet Hall of Fame and more.