UMSI WIRE - Spring 2015

Welcome to UMSI WIRE, a compendium of news and research from the University of Michigan School of Information for educators and information professionals.

New endowed faculty post for UMSI

Telecommunications pioneer John D. Evans, co-founder of C-SPAN, has funded two new faculty positions, one in the School of Information and one in Communication Studies, to develop new ideas and collaboration in the field of digital studies at the University of Michigan. Read more.

Rumor has it

By tracking words and phrases like "Really?", "Is that true?" and "Unconfirmed,"  UMSI researchers have developed software to help identify and correct erroneous  claims on the Internet before they have a chance to do damage. They plan to launch a companion website, RumorLens, this summer. Read more.

Geek heresy

Just published, Kentaro Toyama's new book, Geek Heresy: Rescuing Social Change from the Cult of Technology, argues that technology alone can't solve global problems such as education inequality and poverty. Human factors are the key to true social change, he says. Read more and watch his video.

Digital in demand

On May 28, Professor Margaret Hedstrom presented findings from the National Research Council study she chaired on the need for digital curation policies and workforce development before the Big Data Senior Steering Committee of the White House Office on Science and Technology. Read more.

Sharing exercise goals a two-edged sword

While sharing exercise goals with friends online may win some encouragement, researchers have found it may also result in reluctance to post goals that might not be met.  Read more.

A "prime" example of social media savvy

India's prime minister, Narendra Modi, is the world's second-most popular politician on Twitter, after President Obama, finds Joyojeet Pal, whose paper "Banalities Turn Viral: Narendra Modi and the Political Tweet" received wide coverage in Asian press. Read more.

Go team science!

Professor John L. King was one of a team of academics who conducted a study for the National Academies on how to create the most effective scientific research teams.
The just-published report, "Enhancing the Effectiveness of Team Science," offers  recommendations on assembling and leading teams of researchers from diverse backgrounds. Access the report.

Greed vs. good

Julia Adler-Milstein, who testified on electronic health record adoption on Capitol Hill in March, was featured in a Marketplace Morning Report segment on how some software companies are blocking health data for financial gain. Read more.

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