UMSI WIRE - Winter 2016

Welcome to UMSI WIRE, a compendium of news and research from the University of Michigan School of Information for educators and information professionals.

The Holy Braille

UMSI’s Sile O’Modhrain and members of the U-M College of Engineering are developing a tablet device that employs pneumatics to present refreshable Braille text, bringing the 200-year-old writing system into the 21st century. Video.

Python for everyone

Of the top ten most popular free online courses for professionals, according to Business Insider, Charles Severance’s Coursera course, Getting Started with Python, clocks in at number three. Read more.

Two honorable mentions

Congratulations to Lionel Robert, and Grace YoungJoo Jeon and Nicole Ellison with co-authors Bernie Hogan and Christine Greenhow, for their two Best Paper: Honorable Mentions at the upcoming CSCW conference, February 27-March 3. Several other UMSI faculty and students will present papers and moderate panels. Read more.

What’s the big deal?

UMSI and Comm Studies associate professor Christian Sandvig debated the question of “Big Brother or Big Deal?” at a University of New South Wales summit on the challenges of big data in December. Read more. 

He’s also featured in a new UMSI Infominute, revealing what Facebook doesn’t show its users. 

Bumps in the road to Stage 3 

A new survey by UMSI’s Julia Adler-Milstein and co-investigator Gemma Cohen found that while physicians view electronic care coordination in a positive light, they are concerned about obstacles that could hinder their efforts to meet Stage 3 criteria of the Meaningful Use program. Read more.

LASI come home

Research professor Stephanie Teasley will serve as program co-director of the Learning Analytics Summer Institute (LASI), which will be hosted in June at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Read more.

Future speak

A new lecture series on Digital Futures at the University of Michigan has been funded by the John D. Evans Foundation. The first speaker in the series was Doc Searls on December 15; upcoming speakers include Anita Say Chan, Natalie Bazarova and Gina Neff. Read more.

He’s a natural

Lastly, congratulations to Professor Dragomir Radev, for his appointment as a 2015 ACM Fellow.  Radev was honored for his contributions to natural language processing and computational linguistics. Read more.