Adar, Laput collaborate on Adobe photo editor

Gierad Laput

Siri meets Photoshop in a new app created by UMSI master's degree student Gierad Laput  and Assistant Professor Eytan Adar.  The two collaborated with a team of researchers at Adobe to create a voice-controlled photo image editing app called PixelTone.

Eytan Adar

The goal is to make photo editing as hands-free and easy as possible. Laput, Adar and the other researchers will be presenting their work in April at the Computer-Human Interaction conference in Paris.

With the app, users will be able to perform such functions as changing colors of objects, darkening or lightening an image, applying filters and effects – simply by tapping the screen and/or speaking the commands. These commands can be as specific as “Darken the midtones at the top,” “change the color of the shirt,” or “brighten John.” A slider on the screen allows the user to adjust the results.

The app is generating a great deal of interest on technology sites. Here is a sampling of the news coverage.
Discovery Channel Canada
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Posted on Wednesday, February 13, 2013