Burton, Chalmers winners of Social Media Expo

Melissa Chalmers and Matt Burton

UMSI doctoral students Matt Burton and Melissa Chalmers and four colleagues are winners of the first iConference Social Media Expo, an exposition designed to showcase exceptional interdisciplinary research from iSchools specializing in social media. The exposition was part of the annual conference of iSchools, held this year in Fort Worth, TX, and was sponsored by Microsoft Research FUSE Labs.

Their winning presentation was “Learning with Polyphony: AmpDamp.” The researchers observed that with the exponential increases of information flow on social media platforms, the users’ experience is becoming cacophonous and fragmented. Such “noise” makes informal learning on these platforms difficult.

Their paper describes a concept in which users can “control the volume” of their social media feed, using a physical dial to amplify or dampen the entries of a Twitter stream: hence the name AmpDamp. This control allows users to improvise and learn from their social networks in novel ways and in real time, according to the researchers.

Other members of the winning team are Amelia Acker, University of California, Los Angeles; Thomas Lodato, Georgia Institute of Technology; Milena Radzikowska, University of Alberta, Edmonton; and Grant Wythoff, Princeton University.

The paper and a video demonstrating the use of AmpDamp are available online.

Posted on Tuesday, February 19, 2013