Eight UMSI students present sessions at annual MidCamp conference

Two teams of students from the University of Michigan School of Information presented sessions during the sixth annual Midwest Drupal Camp (MidCamp), held March 20-23 in Chicago. The volunteer-organized event brings together designers, developers, users and evaluators of the open-source Drupal content management software. 

On Friday, March 22, Master of Science in Information (MSI) students Angela Chih, Sara Gladchun, Valyn Dall, and Elissa Irhamy presented a session titled “A Chirping Colorful Review of Web Design Usage.”  The session used a group of select colorful birds to discuss color properties and functions as they relate to web design.

MSI students Min Jim Kim and Benjamin Sutton and Master of Health Informatics students Danny Teng and Neha Bhomia presented “Digital Well-Being: If you need to resort to alert fatigue, you’re designing it wrong.”

The students described their session as focused on ethical and impactful design principles that delved deep into the issues of alert fatigue and how to get around it. “We talk about what exactly is alert fatigue and its impact on users’ mental health and well being, what its effect looks like now and what we predict for the future,” they said.

Posted March 29, 2019