Every vote counts: UMSI enters SXSW panels

[Update: Voting is now closed.]

Click to vote...and actually make something happen! We're hoping you and your friends turn out in support of UMSI as our faculty offer their insights for SXSW 2014.

This year, UMSI is excited to announce four faculty members have submitted panels for South by Southwest 2014, the highly competitive annual conference in Austin, Texas. A popular vote helps determine which sessions are chosen for the conference, so members of the UMSI community are strongly encouraged to show support by voting for our three sessions.

Vote here (for all four!):

Professor Paul Conway has proposed a panel called "Ethical Access to Live Recordings: Artists and Fans." In this panel, Conway will discuss methods for working through the complicated process of storing and accessing field recordings of live music.

Incoming professor Silvia Lindtner has extensive knowledge of the burgeoning maker culture in China. Her panel, "Made with China: hackers, makers & manufacturers," will challenge conventional Western portrayals of China's manufacturing industry. She will discuss Chinese open source hardware and maker communities, illustrating a shifting locus of manufacturing and design innovation.

Assistant professor Katharina Reinecke is addressing the WEIRDness of research subjects: how "Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic" people are much more frequently treated in research findings. The proposed panel, "Taking research out into the wild," will demonstrate the effectiveness of web-based methods for diversifying the group of people selected for studies.

Charles Severance has taught the Internet History, Technology, and Security Course on Coursera for over a year. Since he started the course he has held face to face office hours in locations including London, Melbourne, Seoul, New York City, and many others. By meeting and listening to students in person, we can gain a better understanding of the real impact of these classes around the world. We hear far too much in the press from the "experts" and "leaders" in the MOOC space - in this session we will hear from the students using a combination of pre-recorded video and live meet-ups during the session.

A free account on the SXSW panelpicker site is required to participate. Voting is open now through September 6, 2013.

posted on wednesday, august 28, 2013