expoSItion projects tackle real world issues

The 2013 expoSItion projects tackle real-life problems with high-tech insight and  creativity. UMSI students have created nearly 30 projects to showcase their skills to potential employers, peers, prospective students, faculty and the UM community. This year’s expoSItion will be held Monday, March 25 from 12-2 p.m. at the Michigan League Ballroom.

  • Xpress: Crowdsourcing Native Speakers for Learning Second Language Colloquial Expressions is a proposed two-way mobile app that helps language learners acquire colloquial vocabulary
    and enables native speakers to understand the language student’s questions accurately. This project is a semi-finalist in the Student Design Competition of the international ACM SIGCHI conference, the premier conference on human-computer interaction. Team members are Yung-Ju Change, Shih-Hsuan Chou, Lezhong Li, Min-Chih Liu and Surong Rua.Projects being showcased Monday include:
  • Hongyu Chen’s project, Medbuddy, aims to improve the lives of children with ADD/ADHD. “Medbuddy is designed to be an agent of fun that combines medicinal and behavioral treatments to make ADD/ADHD child patients better so they may develop their full potentials,” said Chen. His mobile medicinal management system reminds patients to take their medication, rewards positive behaviors and helps create consistent daily routines.
  • Another healthcare application is Claire Barco and Kenny Rosenberg’s multimedia tool to help nurses communicate better with people who have dementia. They designed their project in the hope that it will facilitate a human connection between professional caregivers and their patients.
  • Soma Ray, Omkar Chandgadkar, David Huston, Melvyn Pard will demonstrate their prototype, xCite Bike, designed to provide an affordable, environmentally friendly, short-term energy alternative when power outages occur in developing countries. The team utilized user-centered design, community research, engineering analysis, and economic analysis, and created a business plan in the development of their project.
  • City Tutor, an app created by Anand Geetey, Yanqi Wu, and JJ Pionke, would assist anyone who has moved to a new city to find their way around and learn the native language, awarding digital badges for completing simple activities such as riding the public transport system.
  • Chengchang Qian, KanYu, Xiaoyu Ji, Jun Zhang, Hengjuan Qian will present DreamHatcher, a web-based platform which connects people who need help fulfilling their dreams with people willing to help.
  • Raymond Alexander and Karthik Shivaram’s project, Compass, addresses the problem many library users have trying to locate items in the stacks with the installation of way-finding touchscreens.

Boeing and Yahoo! are sponsoring the event and providing cash prizes for the presentations in the following categories: Best Overall Project Presentation and Best Social Computing Project Presentation. Awards will be determined by popular vote during the expoSItion.

This link will take you to a gallery that features many of the ExpoSItion projects.

posted on Wednesday, MArch 20, 2013