Lindtner, Reinecke take top paper awards at CSCW

UMSI assistant professors Silvia Lindtner and Katharina Reinecke have both received awards for papers submitted to the ACM-CSCW 2015 conference (Computer Supported Collaborative Work and Social Computing), which takes place March 14-18 in Vancouver, Canada.

Silvia Lindtner’s paper, “Reliving the Past & Making a Harmonious Society Today: A Study of Elderly Electronic Hackers in China” has received a Best Paper award. In the paper, she and her co-authors examine how, for the elderly do-it-y ourself enthusiasts, making activities function as way of remaking and reliving the past and expressing class belonging and citizenship. The paper is one of only six so recognized at the conference.

The paper will be presented on Monday, March 16, between 10:30 and 11:45 a.m.

Read the paper.


Katharina Reinecke’s paper, “LabintheWild: Conducting large-scale online experiments with uncompensated samples,” received an honorable mention. In the paper she and her co-author introduce the experimental online platform OnlineLab, which provides participants with personalized feedback in exchange for participation in behavioral studies.

The paper will be presented on Wednesday, March 18, between 8:45 and 10:10 a.m.

Read the paper.


Several other UMSI faculty, doctoral students and recent alumni have also had papers accepted or are organizing workshops at the conference. (UMSI-affiliated in bold.)

Andrea Barbarin, Tiffany Veinot, Predrag Klasnja: “Taking Our Time: Chronic Illness and Time-Based Objects in Families” - paper

Jessica Hullman (PhD ’14), Nicholas Diakopoulos, Elaheh Momeni, Eytan Adar: “Content, Context and Critique: Commenting on a Data Visualization Blog” - paper

Priya Kumar (MSI ’14), Sarita Schoenebeck: “The Modern Day Baby Book: Enacting Good Mothering and Stewarding Privacy on Facebook” - paper

Elizabeth Kaziunas, Ayse Buyuktur (PhD ’15), Jasmine Jones, Sung Choi, David Hanauer, Mark Ackerman:  “Transition and Reflection in the Use of Health Information: The Case of Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant Caregivers” - paper

Clifford Lampe: “Information and Technology in City Life” - workshop organizer

CSCW is the premier venue for presenting research in the design and use of technologies that affect groups, organizations, communities, and networks. Bringing together top researchers and practitioners from academia and industry who are interested in the area of social computing, it encompasses both the technical and social challenges encountered when supporting collaboration.

The conference is held under the auspices of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

Posted January 22, 2015