New chief information officer of School of Information appointed

Erik Hofer will fill the newly created position of chief information officer of the School of Information and clinical assistant professor, UMSI Dean Jeffrey MacKie-Mason has announced.

His responsibilities will include directing the strategic goals, policies and procedures around the use of information technology to support the mission of the school as well as day-to-day management of the school’s IT operations. In addition, he will develop and teach courses that reinforce the school’s commitment to health informatics, personal information technology and IT management.

Since 2011, Hofer has been the Learning Program Director and Director of the Office of Enabling Technologies for Medical School Information Services (MSIS) at the University of Michigan. As the Learning Program Director, he oversaw a broad portfolio of information services supporting learning at the University of Michigan Health System. As the Director of the Office of Enabling Technologies, he led an applied research and innovation unit that leverages leading information technology capabilities to support innovative education and research efforts.

Hofer has been an adjunct lecturer at the UM School of Information, teaching a graduate-level course in designing systems that help individuals collect and use data to better understand and improve their lives. These systems use sensors and other data collection techniques to provide users with a better picture of their health, fitness, productivity, and sustainability.

From 2002-2011, he worked at the UM School of Information as a Research Specialist and Project Director in the areas of collaboration technology, team science, high performance computing, visualization, and distance education. He holds a BA in psychology and an MSI (2001) from the University of Michigan.

He will begin his new position at UMSI in mid-August.

Posted on July 11, 2014