Six new faculty members to join UMSI

Trust among members of online social networks, cross-cultural design, and personalized online education are among the research topics that will be explored by six new faculty members who will join the School of Information over the course of the coming year.

Tanya Rosenblat (associate professor; PhD, MIT) is a pioneer in integrating social network analysis into experimental economics. Her current research focuses on elicitation of relationships within Facebook and other social media, where she has developed a novel name-your-friends game which reveals who communicates, trusts or otherwise is linked to whom within a network. She joins the faculty this fall.

Markus Mobius
(associate professor; PhD, MIT), who starts in September 2014, also works in the area of online social networks, where his research examines the determinants of altruism within these networks.

Two of our new faculty are experts on information analysis and retrieval. Kevyn Collins-Thompson (associate professor; PhD, Carnegie Mellon University) has made significant contributions on risk-sensitive information retrieval, reliable text similarity measures, and the measurement of reading difficulty. His current work focuses on information retrieval for large-scale personalized online education. He joins us this September.

Daniel Romero
(Presidential post-doc; PhD, Cornell University), who starts in January, is leading research on the empirical and theoretical analysis of social networks, particularly the study of network evolution and information diffusion. 

Katharina Reinecke (assistant professor; PhD, University of Zurich), who will also start in January, is an expert on cross-cultural design. She has developed systems for producing culturally adaptive user interfaces.

Silvia Lindtner (assistant professor; PhD, University of California, Irvine), who will join the faculty in September 2014, is a leader in understanding the role of do-it-yourself maker and open hardware communities in information technology development within China. 

Together, these new colleagues form an outstanding cohort who will strengthen the school’s research and teaching capabilities across incentive-centered design, information analysis and retrieval, and human-computer interaction.

POSTED ON wednesday, August 28, 2013