Students, faculty published in School Library Monthly

Several members of the UMSI community have been published in recent editions of School Library Monthly, a publication for K-12 school librarians.

The May-June 2013 issue includes an article by current MSI student Ellen Gustafson, “Meeting Needs: Makerspaces and School Libraries,” which describes the K-12 school library as an ideal setting for makerspace activities. Her article includes a description of the East Middle School (Canton, MI) after-school maker program run by UMSI alum Rachel Goldberg  (MSI '09).

Kristin Fontichiaro

UMSI faculty and students had an especially strong presence in the journal’s April 2013 issue. The article “Badging a Conference” was co-authored by members of the Michigan Makers Team: clinical assistant professor Kristin Fontichiaro and MSI ‘13 grads Sharona Ginsberg, Victoria Lungu, Shauna Masura, and Samantha Roslund. 

The article describes how digital badging can have a positive impact at professional conferences by helping attendees reflect and practice the new skills they have learned during the conference and take those lessons back to their employers.

“A Conference, A Session, A Badge, Oh My!” describes the introduction of badging during the 2012 Ohio Educational Library Media Association (OELMA) Conference. The article outlines the process for conceptualizing and launching badges at OELMA. The OELMA president and conference chair decided to enact digital badging after hearing Fontichiaro’s presentation on the subject at the 2012 American Library Association’s annual conference.

Fontichiaro also authored “Supporting Arguments with Evidence.” Arguments with evidence, as well as Common Core State Standards, focus on career and college readiness. According to Fontichiaro, they give librarians an opening to discuss how moving research projects from fact-sharing to more robust inquiry is now an imperative, not an option.

School Library Monthly supports K-12 school librarians in planning instruction with teachers and helps librarians stay current on the latest library trends.

POsted on Friday, May 03, 2013