UMSI alumni are 2017 Mover & Shakers

UMSI alumni have been recognized by Library Journal as three of this year's “Movers & Shakers.” Honorees are chosen because of the impact they are having on their communities. The "Movers & Shakers" are nominated because they are changing the face of libraries, either through services provided to local organizations or their one-on-one work with patrons. 

Ilana Stonebraker (MSI ‘ 12), business information specialist and assistant professor at Purdue University Libraries in Indiana, is included in the Educators category. She encourages her students to look into the societal impact of their business classes. Stonebraker is known for disrupting the traditional educational model. She likes the fresh approach of flipped classrooms, where students listen to a lecture on their own time and use class time for active participation and problem solving of civic issues. She says, “I like to see my classrooms as a participatory culture, and I hope my students see that as well.”


Sarah LeMire (MIS-LIS '12), first-year experience & outreach librarian at Texas A&M University Libraries, is recognized in the Advocates category. Because of her firsthand experience with the Army, she has an insider's knowledge on what it's like to be a vet on a college campus. LeMire created a map that highlights quiet areas for vets to study, she's managed events where female vets have presented on their experiences and she's helped to bring awareness about this group to the greater community.  “In the last few years, it seems that more and more libraries are coming to recognize student veterans and service members as a unique patron population,” she says.


Sarah Clayton, (MSI '15), digital scholarship specialist at University of Oklahoma Libraries, is one of eight professionals in the Digital Developers category. Her fearless nature and technical know-how help foster her ambitious approach to collaborative learning. Clayton is "proudest of the collaborations that have resulted from her work, in addition to the library/faculty collaborative spirit her efforts have engendered." According to a colleague, “She has proven a tremendous role model for female students who may not realize they have the capability to learn how to program or master a new digital tool.”

This year’s 52 Library Journal “Movers & Shakers” were chosen from 350 nominations. They join a distinguished field of 800 movers in the 16 years that the awards have been given. The honorees will be celebrated at a reception during the American Library Association’s annual conference in Chicago on June 23. 

Past UMSI graduates and faculty to receive the Movers & Shakers award include Colleen Theisen (MSI ’11), Sharona Ginsberg (MSI ’13), Emily Pucket Rodgers (MSI ’10) and clinical associate professor Kristin Fontichiaro

All photo credits belong to the Library Journal.

Posted March 15, 2017