UMSI grad featured in NPR story on social media and motherhood

Research by recent UMSI graduate Priya Kumar (MSI ’14) was featured in a May 23 story on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition.

The story examined how mothers use social media to share baby pictures and the different approaches that mothers take in crafting digital identities for their children and themselves. 

In her interview with the program, Kumar shared insights she gained on the topic while researching and developing her master’s thesis, “A Digital Footprint from Birth: New Mothers’ Decisions to Share Baby Pictures Online.”

For her thesis, Kumar interviewed 22 new mothers from the United States and abroad to uncover the types of pictures they did and did not share online, as well as the different social networks and communication platforms they used. 

Kumar found that mothers consider four main ideas when posting baby pictures: content, audience, recency, and convenience. Privacy concerns, conceptions of their audience, and consideration for their own identities and opinions also helped influence the participants’ decisions to share photos.

The study also explored the role of technology in parenthood and how photo sharing can provide insight into parental interactions and connections with children.

"Facebook pictures can give us a really unique lens on not only the transition to motherhood, but also that mother-child relationship," Kumar said in her interview.

To listen to the interview and read the corresponding article, visit the NPR site here.

Posted on May 27, 2014