WSDM Best Paper Award for UMSI professor

A paper co-authored by a UMSI professor has won the Best Paper Award at the 2016 Web Search and Data Mining (WSDM) Conference.

UMSI associate professor Qiaozhu Mei worked on the paper, “Beyond Ranking: Optimizing Whole-Page Presentation,” which was based on lead author Yue Wang’s summer internship work at Yahoo! Mei and Wang, a U-M computer science and engineering PhD candidate who has also worked as a research assistant at UMSI, collaborated with Yahoo! Labs researchers Dawei Yin, Roger Jie Luo, Pengyuan Wang, Makato Yamada and Yi Chang on the study. 

Modern search engines pull various types of results, including web pages but also news, images, video, maps and others, rendering a conventional “ranked list” presentation less effective. This paper looked at optimizing the page presentation of these heterogeneous search results by creating a framework that uses data to automatically learn to present these diverse types of results in an eye-catching layout.

WSDM, pronounced “wisdom,” is one of the foremost conferences on web-inspired research covering search and data mining. This year's conference received 368 submissions, with only one chosen as Best Paper and two honorable mentions.

One of those honorable mentions was co-authored by another UMSI faculty member, associate professor Eytan Adar. That study, “Information Evolution in Social Networks," was led by Lada A. Adamic of Facebook with Thomas M. Lento of Facebook and Pauline C. Ng of the Genome Institute of Singapore.

Posted February 29, 2016