Alumni spotlight: Adam Torres

Adam Torres

Adam Torres, MSI ‘09
User Experience Designer, Citrix Online
Goleta, CA

Before UMSI

Adam graduated from Boise State University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. He worked as an operations manager for The Blue & Orange where he did much of the graphic design, managed an e-commerce website and maintained point-of-sale systems for multiple stores.

Adam’s UMSI experience

During his time at UMSI, Adam was able to start Troubadour Mobile with two other UMSI students after pitching their idea to RPM Ventures and being selected to participate in the start-up incubator program. “I was able to get a lot of extremely relevant mobile experience that has served me well in my current role,” he says.

Applying his education after UMSI

SI’s courses prepare students with valuable skills they can apply directly to their careers. Adam recalls a few specific courses that taught him skills that are key to his success as a User Experience Designer.

“There were many valuable experiences, but the Evaluation of Systems and Services course turned out to be such a valuable course and taught me skills that I use every day. The same is true for the Interface and Interaction design course. Those courses together really provided an important foundation that has allowed me to be successful.”