Alumni spotlight: Jane Leibrock

Jane Leibrock, MSI ‘11
User Experience Researcher, Facebook
San Francisco Bay area

Before UMSI

Before coming to UMSI, Jane earned a bachelor’s degree in history at Yale University. She was an associate producer at George Washington University’s Documentary Center and a freelance writer in New York City before she decided to pursue her MSI degree.

Jane’s UMSI experience

While studying at UMSI, Jane competed in the Microsoft Firenze student design competition and was a finalist in the Interaction ’11 and CHI ’11 competitions. Jane participated in an information architecture internship with The Understanding Group as well as a user experience internship with

“My internship [at The Understanding Group] was successful because I knew exactly what I wanted out of it. My mentor was very willing to work with me to make that happen. He took the effort to share with me why the client needed the various deliverables I made and how these were eventually used. I got to learn a lot about how the relationship between a large company and a small consultancy works."

After UMSI

Jane graduated from UMSI and is now working as a user experience researcher for Facebook, a job she was referred to by another recent UMSI alumna.