Alumni spotlight: Lisa McLaughlin

Lisa McLaughlin

Lisa McLaughlin, MSI ‘08
Assistant Director of Open Knowledge Networks at ISKME
Half Moon Bay, CA

Before UMSI

Before coming to UMSI, Lisa earned her bachelor’s degree in English at the University of Michigan. She also worked as an administrative assistant in grants management at the University of Michigan Medical School.

Lisa’s UMSI experience

Lisa participated in one of UMSI’s dual-degree programs, earning both an MSI and a master of social work at the University of Michigan. She interned as a research associate for the Ross School of Business and as a disaster program planning assistant for the Office of the Provost, both at the University of Michigan.

“Through my position at the business school, I explored the intersection of design thinking and IT service innovation and emerged with a strong tool kit of design thinking principles that I frequently drawn on in my current position," she says. "Through my role at the Provost's Office, I developed usability testing and training design skills that have proven useful in managing complex projects with multiple stakeholders.”

After UMSI

After UMSI, Lisa was a research intern at UMSI where she directed the development of a blue-ribbon curricular design report for a graduate-level information for social innovation program. After working as a human resources information systems specialist at the University of San Francisco, in 2010 Lisa began her current job as assistant director of Open Knowledge Networks at the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME).

Lisa says that an aptitude for continuous self-learning, an entrepreneurial mindset, and strong project management skills are crucial to succeed in her field. In her work as OER Commons Manager for ISKME, Lisa manages user experience design, networks, metadata, and social media strategy for a global open educational resources network.