Alumni spotlight: Rachel Doepker

Rachel Doepker

Rachel Doepker, MSI ‘10
Assistant Product Manager, Ernst & Young LLP

Before UMSI

Before coming to UMSI, Rachel earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Ferris State University.

Rachel’s UMSI experience

While at UMSI, Rachel participated in two internships, one in collection development at the U-M Hatcher Graduate Library and the other at the University of Michigan Depression Center's resource center.  She was the vice president of the American Library Association student chapter as well as a member of the Alternative Spring Break (ASB) fundraising committee. In 2009, Rachel joined 50 other MSI students for her ASB volunteer experience in Washington, D.C.

"Both internships were largely supervised from afar, which helped me learn how to manage my own time, and helped me learn how to come up with my own project ideas," says Rachel. "You've heard it a dozen times, but it really is true: creativity and innovation are highly valued skills."

After UMSI

In her current role at Ernst & Young (EY), Rachel is managing the intranet search engine used by the majority of EY employees, approximately 167,000 people worldwide. "I work on findability, search engine optimization, relevancy, usability and user feedback," Rachel says. 

Prior to EY, Rachel was a reference librarian at the regional Wooster campus of Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute.

Rachel says the key to her job search success was networking. "I mentioned in casual conversation to a group of people who I had newly met that I was job searching, and one person mentioned that EY liked to hire librarians in her division. I gave it a shot, thinking I would never have a chance...but here I am!" she says. "As an introvert, networking sounds really scary. Even though it brought me success, it is still difficult. But it is worth it, and vital if you want to grow your career."

Her advice to current UMSI students: "Don't limit yourself to just your own specialization. SI offers the opportunity for cognates and for courses in other specializations - take advantage of it! Get outside of your comfort zone. Don't shut yourself into a library, or archives, or technology box."