Alumni spotlight: Sarah Pipes

Sarah Pipes, MSI '11
Associate Advisor, KPMG
San Francisco

Before UMSI

After earning a BA in history and European cultural studies from Brandeis University, Sarah served as program manager and acting director of the South Asia Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

Sarah’s UMSI Experience

At UMSI, where Sarah pursued the information policy specialization, she worked at Thomson Reuters Healthcare as a medical privacy intern and served as a research assistant and a graduate student instructor.  She especially values her summer internship as a European privacy researcher at Central European University in Budapest.

"The real-world experience from internships, both UMSI Internship Program and course-based, have been very helpful to me. They enabled me to share previous deliverables that had pleased my mentor or client and fulfilled their needs. My leadership role in a student organization also helped me increase my ability to take initiative and stay organized.” Sarah was one of the founders of the UMSI group Students Interested in Information Policy.

After UMSI

After graduating, she worked for a short time as an internet freedom research intern at Internews Network. In her current position in Advisory in KPMG's Information Protection and Business Resilience group, she works with domestic and international companies to identify private information and advises them on how best to use and protect that information. Her position requires knowledge and implementation of current and upcoming regulations, standards and best practices.

Skills she acquired at UMSI that have proved most useful in her current position are the ability to work in groups, take initiative, and be organized. She advises current students to take advantage of opportunities to gain experience. “One non-required internship I had allowed me to do work very similar to what I’m doing now, which not only proved I could do it, but gave me a strong employer reference.”