Alumni spotlights


Graduates of the School of Information find success in a wide variety of fields, including higher education, health care, business, non-profits, government and social media.

Recent Featured Alumni

Parisa Soraya (MHI '17) - Creator of a mobile app that matches patients for peer support

Madalyn Purcell (BSI '17) - Employs her UX design skills working with non-profit and government clients in Washington, DC

2015 Graduates

Matt Burton (PhD '15) - Explores how digital humanists use blogs as infrastructure for scholarly communication

Angie Carrier (MSI '15) - A background in customer service leads to user experience 

Jackie Cohen (MSI '15) - A passion for the practical application of data

Devan Donaldson (PhD '15) - Studies how people judge the trustworthiness of documents in curated collections

Sofia Gutierrez (MSI '15) - From assistant editor in publishing to UX designer

Adam Kriesberg (PhD '15) - Explores impact of public and private sector partnerships on access to digitized public records

Adam Levick (MSI '15) - An interest in technology and education leads to a new career

Stephen Liu (MSI '15) - Coursera course in HCI leads to a master's program at UMSI

Allyson Mackay (MSI '15) - Combines a passion for healthcare, web and libraries

Meg Morrissey (MSI '15) - Working toward a career in corporate archiving

Alexandra Quay (MSI '15) - Using library science to help children develop educationally and socially

Luke Rehmann (BSI '15) - Yahoo made his website a crashing success

Lily Samimi (MSI '15) - Co-creator of Design Clinic seeks good design solutions

Siddarth Soni (MSI '15) -  Applying creativity to entrepreneurship

Rob Thomas (MSI '15) - Googler, sustainable living advocate

Stephanie Wooten (MSI '15) - Student co-founds SI's first education and technology student group

Mandy Wortz (MSI '15) - HCI student with an interest in educational technology

Sylvie Zhang (MSI '15) - Using IAR to strengthen market research and data mining skills

2014 Graduates

2013 and earlier