Alumni Profile: Omid Farivar

Human-computer interaction

UX researcher. Master gamer. Cool guy. What better outcome for a Californian with a passion for video games than to land a job after graduation at a video gaming company in San Francisco? Omid Farivar (MSI '12)  was the first user experience analyst hired by KIXEYE, a Flash gaming company that created Desktop Tower Defense and Battle Pirates, among many others. After two years at KIXEYE, Omid moved on to become a UX researcher at Facebook. 

Omid earned his undergraduate degree in cognitive science from the University of California, San Diego. In addition to his studies at UMSI and his employment as web developer at MPublishing, he was an active player in the school’s social activities, including organizing the weekly SI happy hour and sharing his love of music by DJing at UMSI parties. He also served as an officer of SOCHI, the student organization for those specializing in human-computer interaction.