Alumni Profile: Peter Timmons

MSI '12 Library and Information Science

During his academic career at UMSI, Peter Timmons (MSI '12) held a half-time appointment as a University Library Associate in the Hatcher Graduate Library. Adapting his information management skills to a new environment, he secured a full-time position as Associate Director of Health Sciences Space Planning at the University of Utah. In his new role, he contributes to the operation of day-to-day campus functions by providing and curating data on the University's geospatial footprint and facilities.

Among his service-oriented projects while at UMSI, he helped to organize Quasi-con, the first “quasi-conference” sponsored by the Michigan student chapter of the American Library Association. The unconference offered LIS students the opportunity to showcase projects, discuss the future of libraries, and interact with other like-minded folk.

Invested in the future of UMSI, Peter also took a leadership role in the class gift project, encouraging fellow students to make commitments of support for the school in their first few years after graduation.

The Salt Lake City native earned a B.A. in English from Utah State, where his concentration was literature of the British Commonwealth and cultural studies. Taking full advantage of the glorious Utah climate, he fills his non-reading time with hiking, biking, and camping.