Alumni Profile: Tiffany Chow

Community informatics/Human-computer interaction

After earning her B.A. in English and ethnic studies from University of California, Berkeley, Tiffany interned at the Commonwealth Club of California and worked in youth development for the Harlem Day Charter School in New York. A first generation Chinese-American, she also managed to fit in six months of intensive Mandarin Chinese study at Fudan University, polishing her second native language skills, before starting her master’s program at UMSI.

While at UMSI, Tiffany was active in the Multi-Ethnic Information Exchange (MIX), the student organization that promotes and supports minority students at the school. She served as a social media assistant for CHI 2012.

In 2011, she won the Progressive Librarians Guild Miriam Braverman Memorial Prize for her essay “Design Implications: How space can transform the library and its public.” This award goes annually to the best paper on an aspect of the social responsibilities borne by libraries, librarians, or librarianship. Her essay was published in the summer 2011 edition of Progressive Librarian Journal. 

A month after graduation from UMSI in 2012, Tiffany began the next phase of her career as a user experience architect at Dell in Austin, Texas.