Alumni Profile: Tracy Liu

After graduating with an interdisciplinary degree in management information systems from Renmin University of China, Tracy Liu was accepted into the PhD program at her number one choice: the University of Michigan School of Information.

Tracy’s research focused on incentive-centered design and information economics. Using game theory and experimental methods, she studied efficient mechanisms to motivate participation and high-quality contribution on crowdsourcing sites, learning transfer in individuals’ decisions across different contexts, as well as the effect of social identity and stereotypes on coordination and cooperation in organizations and communities.

Members of her doctoral advisory committee were Yan Chen, Lada Adamic and Jeff MacKie-Mason. She received her PhD in 2012.

In addition to her doctorate, earned a master’s in economics while at Michigan. She is now an assistant professor of economics at Tsinghua University in Beijing. She plans to use her knowledge and skills to inform economic and social policies in China and to improve the performance of economic institutions in her home country.

Speaking of Michigan, Tracy said, “This place is fantastic. The people at Michigan are very open-minded. The doctoral program wants to train students, to help them develop, to realize their potential. The faculty know you and care about your success. Your fellow students are also helpful and cooperative.”