Google Lecture Series

The Google Lecture Series on Innovation and Entrepreneurship is sponsored jointly by Google, the School of Information, and the SI CREATE student group at UMSI that encourages entrepreneurship.

Google Lectures 2013-2014

Alice Taylor

"Creating Businesses for an Anytime, Anywhere World" (video)
September 20, 2013

New venture consultant Alice Taylor discusses how "Knowing Now" feeds the need for ubiquity, instant infrastructure, and always-on products and services. Taylor describes her experiences as both an "intrapreneur" and an entrepreneur creating next generation solutions in telematics, mobile health, casual games and entertainment.

Tom Limperis

"Turning Ideas into Gold" (video)
October 25, 2013

A contributing author to several books on laser technology and a teacher of solid state physics and infrared science and technology at the engineering school’s summer conferences for 20 years, Tom Limperis shares his experiences in creating and managing five commercially successful high-tech companies.

Nathaniel Borenstein

"But We Learned a Lot: Life Lessons of a Serial Entrepreneur" (video)
December 6, 2013

Each of the four entrepreneurial companies Nathaniel Borenstein has been involved with has been more successful than the one before. In this talk, he shares lessons learned and reflects on the types of individuals who can endure the entrepreneurial lifestyle. He discusses the dangers of working with friends, the untrustworthiness of large companies, the entitlement of investors, the unpredictable insanity of capital markets, and even a few positive lessons.

Dug Song

"The Internet Wins: How Hacker Culture Drives Creative Destruction" 
January 17, 2014

Internet-based technologies, and the startups that build them, have radically disrupted almost every aspect of our lives: how we work, play, buy, travel, socialize, etc. In this talk, experienced technology security architect Dug Song examines how the Internet's hacker culture has also changed the way we innovate and created a new platform for economic growth through the globalization of tech culture, collaboration, and community.

Past speakers

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David Kochalko

"Making Your Company an Attractive Acquisition Target"

Roger Ehrenberg
"What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been: From Wall Street to Angel to VC"

Vince Keenan
"Democracy, Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship and Other Sensible Things to Avoid at All Costs"