Assistant professor Michael Nebeling has received a grant from Mozilla to reimagine how augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) content operates in browsers.

Attitudes about data sharing change when the research data includes classroom video.

A new report aims to help consumers and policy makers understand what APIs are, what APIs companies offer and what the privacy implications of APIs are.

Two teams from UMSI received honorable mentions in a recent statewide competition to connect the DIA with adjacent cultural institutions. 

A transfer student panel discussion and scavenger hunt are among the events planned for UMSI's Transfer Student Appreciation Week, February 11-16.

Carl Lagoze and Pamela Moss will pioneer new collaborative research infrastructures that transcend limits of conventional publishing.

Assistant professsor Florian Schaub has a new book which looks at ways developers can help protect privacy online and as well as some challenges they face.

Eytan Adar has received funding from the NSF to develop tools for designers and others to produce better data visualizations. 

A voice-controlled smart speaker may be listening more than consumers bargained for, but a study led by Florian Schaub finds not all users are concerned. 

UMSI Assistant professor Gabriela Marcu receives recognition for outstanding mentoring of undergraduate research students.