Ericson chats about her observations in academia and how schools can do a better job at including women in computer science.

Ron Eglash was featured on Worldview, a show about how race, ethnicity, gender, identity, the environment, religion, politics and economics drive and shape the news.

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UMSI associate professor Tiffany Veinot guest edits the current issue of The Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association.

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The goal of Walter Lasecki’s proposal is to create methods for making AI systems more robust and flexible.

Kentaro Toyama and his team study returning citizens' struggle to find work and reintegrate due to a lack of digital literacy. 

Hilary Severyn archived and digitally preserved an unusual cultural treasure trove of puppets, backdrops, stage props and more. 

A new study shows that app creators are not making decisions about which ads are attached to their apps, but they are picking which ad networks are used. 

UMSI PhD student says current profit-focused model doesn't work.