UMSI's Devon Keen has received one of the inaugural Equity in Action awards from Washtenaw Community College. 

Florian Schaub's chapter in the forthcoming book An Introduction to IT Privacy has received an honorable mention from the Future of Privacy Forum.

UMSI’s summer internship program in Seoul provides international perspective and work experience in a high tech market.

The team of twelve students is one of ten worldwide working to give Amazon’s Alexa more human-like conversational skills.

Four UMSI faculty are among the awardees of the first round of MIDAS grants to propel data science.

Daniel E. Atkins, Emeritus Professor of Information, is a newly elected fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). 

There are three human personality traits that we want to see in our driverless cars, whether we possess them ourselves or not. 

New research shows that so-called throwaway social media profiles can be good for adults who need to test the waters on sensitive subjects.