According to a study conducted by UMSI associate professor, Lionel Robert, the kind of diversity matters when it comes to successful communication methods.

A new UMSI grant will apply augmented reality to kitchen design.

UMSI doctoral student Jeff Huang was a member of the team working on AI character development for the innovative robot Jibo.

A study on how technology affects today’s homes and families is funded by Mozilla’s Emerging Technologies group.

Students in Edward Happ's Crisis Informatics class participate in a dramatic final exam, simulating an actual disaster scenario.

UMSI and Washtenaw Community College will collaborate on an open-source course to attract more students to pursue a U-M Bachelor of Science of Information degree.

A new online forum, HeartMob, allows users to share stories of online harassment and receive support. The site and its effects were described in a study conducted by UMSI and Sassafras Tech Collective.

UMSI joins four North Campus schools in the collaborative ArtsEngine program.

Kathy Kosinski, MSI '16, is one of 50 chosen to participate in the American Library Association's Emerging Leader program for 2018.

Over six days in November, UMSI students, staff and faculty volunteered on over 20 projects at 14 organizations in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and Detroit.