Five new assistant professors will join the School of Information faculty in Fall 2018.

Andrea Thomer, assistant professor of digital curation at UMSI, identifies the potential of social media to help environmental scientists monitor vegetation. 

Elizabeth Yakel will speak about invisible faculty labor and UMSI's Research Experience for Master's Students at the first annual BUILD Summit in Pittsburgh.

UMSI Professors Barry Fishman and Stephanie Teasley discuss the potential of using digital badges for college admissions.

A study of how images vary on Wikipedia sites wins top honor for UMSI PhD student, Licia He.

June 30 is Social Media Day, and the University of Michigan is launching a new website intended to help people navigate the social media landscape.

UMSI PhD student Lindsay Blackwell discovers that many feel online harassment is deserved when the recipient commits an offense.

UMSI researchers provide technical advice for Detroit entrepreneurs developing city tours as ways to earn income.

UMSI's Christopher Brooks and his research team find that women instructors in online courses can affect female retention and engagement.

UMSI Dean Thomas A. Finholt joins the Board of Directors for the iSchools consortium.