Yan Chen, Daniel Kahneman Collegiate Professor of Information, is the recipient of the 2019 Carolyn Shaw Bell award. 

UMSI is celebrating GIEP in South Africa with a look at some of the program's exceptional projects. 

Stephanie Teasley and Mark Newman are honored for contributions to the computing field.

UMSI's Kentaro Toyama is co-author of a CSCW 2019 paper which has received an honorable mention award.

Paul Courant and Jungwon Yang are among the 36 faculty being feted this week at the annual Faculty Awards dinner.

UMSI faculty and PhD students are presenting more than three dozen papers, posters and workshops at the Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work.

This project is one of the first large scale empirical studies of the impact and data curation ever conducted.

The Future of Ethics, Computing and Society MCubed project gets a boost from IRWG.

Chen’s address discusses experiments she and a team of UMSI researchers conducted using the Chinese ride-sharing platform DiDi.

Nazanin Andalibi wrote a piece for "The Conversation" about how individuals share, or don't share, information after experiencing pregnancy loss.