An app to help planning end-of-life issues garners top student startup award.

Computer simulations of autonomous vehicles offer a vision of the future when drivers will become passengers.

A new campus-wide initiative is developing a ground-breaking certficate program in the study of augmented and virtual reality.

On December 14, the FCC will vote on repeal of current rules that ensure internet service providers treat all web content equally.

UMSI associate professor Qiaozhu Mei is named a Distinguished Member of the ACM.

Nancy Pearl (AMLS '67) and Mark Gurman (BSI '16) have been named recipients of the 2017 Alumni Awards.

Robin Brewer, Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow at UMSI, studied the digital and personal reminder systems people employ to help them remember what they may forget. 

Charlevoix and Traverse City have both instituted home-sharing programs based on a toolkit developed by students in the Citizen Interaction Design course.

In a recent journal article, Lionel Robert considers the downside of creating robots that closely resemble human beings.

A eco-friendly dental clinic, an audio navigation system, and a versatile exhibit space are among the finalists in the U-M Campus of the Future competition.