School districts are failing to accurately report when their most vulnerable students are being physically restrained or secluded.

Microsoft has awarded Megh Marathe a grant to conduct an ethnographic study of people with epilepsy and clinical neurologists. 

The City of Detroit enlisted UMSI students to contribute the user testing acumen necessary to ensure the voices of Detroit residents would be heard. 

A new UMSI study shows establishing trust in autonomous vehicles is about the timing of the information delivered by the cars.

Ron Eglash is the recipient of a $1.4 million grant from the National Science Foundation for his work with culturally situated design tools (CSDTs).

U-M researchers find that many Indians—in their native country and the U.S.—are beginning to change their attitudes about Hindu intercaste marriage.

UMSI professor recognized for scholarly contributions to communication field.

A student-facing dashboard to improve academic performance takes a gold at the Learning Impact conference.