Padma Chirumamilla

PhD student


I'm interested in the constitution of everyday life, and the role technology (in its working states, and more commonly in its decidedly-failed ones) has to play in the affective and material creation of everyday and ordinary experience.

My work is based in south India, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, which has (it seems to me) a subtly weird and strangely persistent relationship with "technology" as a kind of promise that works its way through the ongoing puzzle of ordinary life, the need to get by and get through.

To this end, I draw inspiration from a lot of sources: from anthropological work, from media studies, from philosophy, from literature and literary theory of many sorts and from the movies.

Areas of interest

Affect theory
Critical theory of the everyday
Film studies
Marxist theory and criticism
Media anthropology
Philosophy of the ordinary
Postcolonial theory and criticism
Science and technology studies


MA in South and Southeast Asian Studies, University of California Berkeley
AB in English Language and Literature, University of Chicago