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Schedule an appointment with our admissions team

If you are interested in individually meeting with someone from our admissions team to talk about your specific pathway and background, how to prepare your application, and to learn more about the program, please email to request an appointment. Please also sign up on our interest list to get regular updates about upcoming events and application deadlines.

Attend an information session

If you are interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree at the School of Information please sign up to attend one of our information sessions. Our information sessions cover a variety of topics including the overall Bachelor of Science in Information (BSI) program and the admissions process. We provide information sessions for current University of Michigan cross-campus transfers, and students interested in transferring from other institutions including community colleges. For additional information regarding the program specifically, email

For current University of Michigan students 

Before applying, current University of Michigan undergraduate students should attend a BSI information session to learn more about the application process and degree program. Upcoming information session dates and times:

  • Tuesday, September 18 from 12-1pm in 2255 North Quad
  • Wednesday, October 10 from 12-1pm in 2255 North Quad
  • Wednesday, November 14 from 4-5pm in 2255 North Quad
  • Wednesday, December 5 from 12-11pm in 2255 North Quad

North Quad Room 2255 is located at 105 S. State Street, at the corner of Washington Street and State Street, just south of Huron Street.

To RSVP for upcoming BSI information sessions, please visit this link to register.

For prospective University of Michigan transfer students 

If you are interested in transferring to the University of Michigan from a community college or four-year institution, you are encouraged to attend our transfer BSI information sessions to gain more knowledge on the application process and degree program. Here you will have the opportunity to connect with our Assistant Director of Outreach and External Transfers, Devon Keen.

Upcoming online information session dates and times will be announced soon!