UMSI campaign: Entrepreneurship at UMSI

Your support is critical of UMSI’s efforts to fund and encourage new business enterprises that spring from the work that students and faculty do here.

“Carin and I have a deep passion for helping students pursue their dreams of making the world a better place. By supporting the creation of a Director of Entrepreneurship within UMSI, there will be a person whose sole focus is to help young students unleash their creativity in line with their analytical skills, not only solving hard problems but developing their own solutions through new businesses.”
- Roger Ehrenberg, U-M BBA 1987, member of the UMSI External Advisory Board & UMSI Campaign Council

UMSI is committed to helping our students' innovation make a real impact on the world:

  • We recently posted a new position for the Director of Entrepreneurship for the school, thanks to the generous donation of Roger and Carin Ehrenberg.
  • Judith J. and Nathaniel Field established the Field Entrepreneurship and Innovation Endowment Scholarship Fund, helping the school play a broader role across campus with the Ross School of Business and Michigan Engineering, and recognizing teams of students who are cross-collaborative in nature and creative in their outcomes.
  • A donation by U-M alum Marc Weiser has made possible the Weiser iEntrepreneur Award for students.
  • We offer a Google-funded lecture series that focuses on entrepreneurialism, and our students visit startups in New York and elsewhere.

These new opportunities for students are reflected the strides they make on their own. Our surveys show that fully one-fifth of our students are pursuing entrepreneurial careers through co-curricular activities, internships and jobs.

Take MSI alumnus Nathan Oostendorp: he co-founded, was a software architect for and went on to create Sight Machine, an open-source software company featured in Atlantic Magazine that utilizes Internet technologies to solve a broad array of challenges and provide consistent ease of use while reducing the cost of quality-control vision systems for manufacturing and industrial companies. He was the winner of the 2013 UMSI Alumni Entrepreneurial and Innovation Award.Justin DeLay, MSI 2012

Justin DeLay, MSI 2012

Or consider Justin DeLay, who won awards for entrepreneurialism before even leaving UMSI with his master’s degree. The Chicago company he co-founded, TempoDB, builds time series databases to store and analyze massive datastreams. It was named Smartgrid Company to Watch and expects to employ 20 people in 2014. 

In order to continue to recruit and retain the best minds and provide our students with experiences of discovery, creativity and innovation through both real-world problem-solving and research, we need your help. You can provide the funding that allows our faculty to innovate in the field and for our students. 

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