Adoption and use of information technology to improve hospital performance

Proposed by UMSI Assistant Professor Julia Adler-Milstein, this project will examine data accumulated over time on hospital IT adoption in order to characterize and better understand approaches to electronic health record adoption. Christy Harris Lemak and Shoou-Yih Daniel Lee from the U-M School of Public Health are collaborating with Adler-Milstein on this project. 

Start date: 11/28/2012
End date: 11/28/2014

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The U.S. is undertaking a large-scale effort to increase the use of electronic health records (EHRs), the centerpiece of 2009 Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act. This act has designated $30 billion in incentives to encourage doctors and hospitals to adopt and use EHRs according to a federally defined set of “meaningful use” criteria. The legislation was motivated by the expectation that EHRs would lead to higher-quality, lower-cost care by avoiding inefficiencies, inappropriate care, and medical errors. 

Transitioning from paper-based processes to EHRs is organizationally and technically complex, and there is little empirical evidence on whether certain approaches result in better outcomes. This project will leverage longitudinal national data on hospital IT adoption to characterize and better understand approaches to EHR adoption. The research team will then examine the impact on outcomes, assessing whether EHR adoption reduces cost and improves quality, and whether specific approaches to adoption result in greater gains.


MCubed seed grant: Adoption and use of information technology to improve hospital performance, University of Michigan: $60,000 


MCubed is a two-year seed-funding program designed to empower interdisciplinary teams of University of Michigan faculty to pursue new initiatives with major societal impact.