Doctoral consortium for 2015 Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference

UMSI Research Professor Stephanie Teasley served as the principal investigator on a doctoral consortium at the 2015 Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference, a gathering researchers, practitioners, and learners leveraging the power of big data to create substantial impact within higher education and learning.  

Start date: 4/1/2015
End date: 3/31/2016

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With support from a National Science Foundation grant, UMSI Research Professor Stephanie Teasley hosted a doctoral consortium at the SoLAR 2015 conference - the 5th Annual International Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK) Conference, held in March 2015 on the Marist College campus in Poughkeepsie, New York.

The one-day consortium provided participants from around the world with an opportunity to share details about their dissertation research, and receive feedback on current and future research directions from peers and mentors in multiple learning analytics core disciplines.

Participating in the conference were doctoral students from the diverse research backgrounds that make up the interdisciplinary field of learning analytics, including computer science, information science, psychology, communication, education, artificial intelligence, and cognitive science. These doctoral students were able to network with each other and with professors and practitioners engaged in learning analytics research and related work.

Activities are critical and timely in the field of learning analytics, the interdisciplinary field focused on advancing and applying knowledge about learning sciences and education to improve all aspects of learning. Learning analytics methods include data visualization, data mining, data science, and mixed methods approaches combining qualitative and quantitative methods (e.g., interviews and back-end, clickstream data analysis).

The upcoming generation of learning analytics researchers will play a vital role in realizing the potential of using data to improve outcomes for elementary, secondary, and post-secondary students in learning, motivation, and perseverance.

Teasley also hosted LAK’s first doctoral consortium at, held at its 2014 conference. The faculty team participating with Teasley in the consortium was made up of leading researchers in the learning analytics field whose own career trajectories allow them to empathize and relate to young scholars:

  • Daniel Suthers, University of Hawaii (Co-Principal Investigator) 
  • Katherine Maillet, Institut Telecom Sudparis, France
  • Simon Buckingham Shum, University of Technology, Sydney


CreativeIT Pilot: Learning from Creativity in the Wild: Leveraging the Success of Creative Content Systems, National Science Foundation: $18,200


The National Science Foundation (NSF) is an independent federal agency created by Congress in 1950 "to promote the progress of science; to advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare; to secure the national defense…"