Iris Gomez-Lopez

3346 ISR-Thompson
Geoinformatics Data Analyst


I am a Research Fellow at the School of Information, University of Michigan. I work with an amazing team of researchers in the Neighborhood Effects project to investigate. This position has allowed me to immerse myself in a new area of research that has stirred and renewed my scientific knowledge. Currently, I am working in SI-UMICH in a project that seeks to create a major health information infrastructure that aims to facilitate the design of effective initiatives against health disparities.

My research plan at this moment is to extend the capabilities of analysis of an infectious disease epidemic by integrating health disparities into the design of the population structure of an infectious disease model.

Areas of interest

My research focuses on the application of computational concepts and resources to solve problems in the domain of public health, building tools for epidemiologists and resources for public health policy makers. I acknowledge that Computational Epidemiology and Public Health domains require the integration of diverse disciplines that range from life sciences, theoretical disciplines, information systems, and artificial intelligence, up to technical concepts to build models for simulation.
The need to process large amounts of data and the creation of new data sets from diverse sources has become a fundamental part of my research advancement. The use of Big Data Analytics, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Health Informatics, Geoinformatics, Bioinformatics, Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, Computational Epidemiology, and Simulation and Modelling is a fundamental in my research area.


Ph.D. from University of North Texas