Blackboard Collaboration

UMSI and Blackboard have formed a collaboration to investigate how students perceive performance dashboards generated by Learning Management Systems (LMS) used for coursework conducted in the context of higher education. This research project consists of user testing of displays in Blackboard’s existing LMS, focusing specifically on how students interpret performance feedback (notifications and visualizations), and whether their interpretations vary by context (high vs low performance feedback) and student characteristics (e.g., under-represented minority, gender, high vs. low existing GPA).

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UMSI Research Professor Stephanie Teasley has received a $18,071 grant to lead a research collaboration with educational technology company Blackboard. The collaboration will utilize Blackboard’s learning management systems (LMS) to explore digital learning within the context of higher education. 

The project will examine how students interpret performance feedback on Blackboard’s LMS displays, and whether interpretations vary by context (high vs. low performance feedback) and individual characteristics (e.g., under-represented minority, gender, GPA). 

With the results from this study, Teasley and her research team will be able to address challenges and propose solutions for providing feedback to students within a digital learning environment. 


Blackboard Collaboration, $18,071