Improving Employability via Physical Crowdsourced Tasks

Poverty Solutions is a new inter-disciplinary initiative at the University of Michigan that seeks to foster research that informs, identifies and tests strategies for preventing and alleviating poverty.

Start date: February 1, 2017

End date: January 31, 2018

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The goal of the project is to design and create a computational system to help underserved job seekers complete tasks on crowdsourcing platforms to build their skill sets and employability for particular jobs. Too often those in low-socioeconomic regions have low income and limited education and lack the skills to verbalize their qualifications or complete tasks on job websites. Through collaboration with local Southeast Michigan organizations that specialize in job training, investigators will identify real-world tasks and skills that job-seekers need for long-term employment. Results from this project will inform efforts to use existing crowdsourcing platforms to build underserved job-seeker skill sets that are likely to lead to long-term employment and ultimately job creation.


University of Michigan Poverty Solutions, $19,637