Soo Young Rieh

4373 North Quad
Associate Professor of Information, School of Information


Soo Young Rieh is an Associate Professor in the School of Information at the University of Michigan. Her research areas include human information behavior and web searching behavior focusing on human judgments of information credibility and cognitive authority. For the past 15 years, she has examined how to help people find credible information across a variety of information resources, and the relationship of credibility assessment to information seeking strategies. Recently, she has expanded her research interests to credibility assessment heuristics in learning environments and everyday life information activities. She was a Principle Investigator of the Credibility Assessment in the Participatory Web Environment Project funded by the MacArthur Foundation. She was also a Co-PI for the BiblioBouts Project funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) which has developed the web-based information literacy game for undergraduate students. She is a past chair of the ASIS&T Special Interest Group in Information Needs Seeking and Use (SIGUSE) in 2009-2010.

Areas of interest

Information behavior
Web searching behavior
Information credibility and cognitive authority
Search as learning
Interactive information retrieval
Information literacy

Honors & Awards

ASIS&T SIG USE Best Information Behavior Conference Paper Award for "Social search behavior in a social Q&A service: Goals, strategies, and outcomes." 2015.

ASIS&T SIG USE Best Information Behavior Conference Poster Award for “Dual roles in information mediation at work: Analysis of advice-receiving and advice-providing diary surveys.” 2012.

Best JASIST Paper Award for “The Seventeen theoretical constructs of information searching and information retrieval.” 2011.

ASIS&T Best Conference Paper Award for “A diary study of credibility assessment in everyday life information activities on the Web: Preliminary findings.” 2010.

ASIS&T SIG USE Best Information Behavior Conference Paper Award for “Toward an integrated framework of information and communication behavior: College students’ information resources and media selection.” 2007

Best JASIST Paper Award for “On the web at home: Information seeking and web searching in the home environment.” 2005.


Ph.D. in Communication, Information, and Library Studies, Rutgers University

Research Projects