Adam Kriesberg

3429 North Quad
PhD student


I am a PhD Candidate at the School of Information. My research interests focus on access to digital archival and cultural materials. More specifically, my dissertation work seeks to examine the effects of commercial digitization on access to archival records. When public archival institutions engage in partnerships that allow private organizations to charge for access to digital records, this represents a change in the access paradigm that physical archives have operated in for years. My research explores this space, using a mixed-methods approach to analyze the landscape of privatization, enclosure, design, and access for digital archives.

Currently, I work as a research assistant on the Dissemination Information Packages for Information Reuse (DIPIR) project.

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Areas of interest

archives, access to information, digitization, public-private partnerships, information policy

Honors & Awards

HASTAC Scholar, 2011-2012


AB in American History & Classics, Brown University, 2008