Jessica Hullman

4370K North Quad
PhD student


As of Janurary 2014, I am a postdoc working with Maneesh Agrawala at the University of California Berkeley Computer Science Division.

I research information visualization in online settings, using large experiments and the design of research prototypes to learn more about how groups and individuals make decisions from visualized data. I focus primarily on 1) how to improve the accuracy of interpretation of non-expert individuals and groups engaged in collaborative visual analytics and 2) how to support storytelling with data visualization. I worked with Eytan Adar.

Honors & Awards

Gary Olson Outstanding Ph.D. student 2013.
Rackham Centennial Award.
IEEE InfoVis Honorable Mention 2011.
Yahoo Boost Award 2010.
GROCS recipient 2009.


B.A. in Comparative Studies in Religion (magna cum laude), Ohio State University, 2003
M.F.A. in Writing and Poetics, Naropa University, 2006
M.S.I. in Information Analysis & Retrieval, University of Michigan, 2008
Ph.D. in Information (Visualization), University of Michigan, 2013.