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University of Michigan School of Information


Bradley Iott

Bradley Iott



I am a Ph.D. candidate at the Information Science and Health Services Organization and Policy programs at the University of Michigan School of Information and School of Public Health, advised by Dr. Tiffany Veinot and Dr. Denise Anthony. As a scholar in health informatics, I conduct research to understand how healthcare providers and caregivers use information which affects patients’ health outcomes in practice, including information about social determinants of health (SDOH). My research and teaching interests are situated at the intersection of health informatics and health services research. My research uses quantitative and qualitative methods to address health disparities by increasing healthcare providers’ access to, and ability to use, relevant information about patients’ social contexts and evidence from the biomedical literature.

Dissertation title

Social Determinants of Health Screening Implementation: A Multi-Method Investigation to Bridge Clinic and Community to Improve Healthcare Outcomes

Fields of interest

Health Informatics 
Health Disparities 
Social Determinants of Health 
Clinical Information Systems
Organizational Studies
Mixed Methods Research


BA, University of Michigan, 2013 
MPH, University of Michigan, 2014 
MS, University of Michigan, 2016

Selected Publications

Iott, B.E., Raj, M., Platt, J., and Anthony, D., 2020. Family caregiver access of online medical records: Findings from the Health Information National Trends Survey. Journal of General Internal Medicine, [forthcoming].

Vydiswaran, V.V., Romero, D.M., Zhao, X., Yu, D., Gomez-Lopez, I., Lu, J.X., Iott, B.E., Baylin, A., Jansen, E.C., Clarke, P. and Berrocal, V.J., 2020. Uncovering the relationship between food-related discussion on Twitter and neighborhood characteristics. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association27(2), pp.254-264.

Iott B.E., Eddy C., Casanova C., Veinot T., 2020. More than a Database: Understanding Community Resource Referrals within a Socio-Technical Systems Framework. In AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings (Vol. 2020). American Medical Informatics Association. [forthcoming]

Iott B.E., Raj M., Platt J., Anthony D., 2020. Caregiver Access of Online Medical Records: Implications for Policy, Practice, and Patient Portal Design. In AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings (Vol. 2020). American Medical Informatics Association. [forthcoming]

Iott, B.E., Campos-Castillo, C. and Anthony, D.L., 2019. Trust and Privacy: How Patient Trust in Providers is Related to Privacy Behaviors and Attitudes. In AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings (Vol. 2019, p. 487). American Medical Informatics Association.

Vydiswaran, V.V., Strayhorn, A., Zhao, X., Robinson, P., Agarwal, M., Bagazinski, E., Essiet, M., Iott, B.E., Joo, H., Ko, P. and Lee, D., 2019. Hybrid bag of approaches to characterize selection criteria for cohort identification. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association26(11), pp.1172-1180.

Dibble, E.R., Iott, B.E., Flynn, A.J., King, D.P., MacEachern, M.P., Friedman, C.P. and Caverly, T.J., 2018. A Rapid Process for Identifying and Prioritizing Technology-Based Tools for Health System Implementation. JMIR cancer4(2), p.e11195.

Iott, B.E., Veinot, T.C., Loveluck, J., Kahle, E., Golson, L. and Benton, A., 2018. Comparative analysis of recruitment strategies in a study of men who have sex with men (MSM) in Metropolitan Detroit. AIDS and Behavior22(7), pp.2296-2311.