Preferred admissions

As an upper-level academic unit, we admit current U-M students who apply as sophomores and enter the BSI program as juniors through cross-campus transfer.

However, prospective freshmen can select the Preferred Admissions program through the Common Application. This guarantees a place in the BSI program for students who are admitted to the University of Michigan and who maintain admissions requirements during their first two years at Michigan. Applicants who do not receive preferred admissions to the BSI are encouraged to come to Michigan and apply for cross-campus transfer during their sophomore year. Students interested in learning more about the program are invited to email

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Preferred Admissions criteria for the BSI Program

Once admitted to the University of Michigan (and you have selected preferred admission to UMSI on your freshmen application), there is no additional application review by the School of Information at the point of freshmen admission. Students admitted to the Preferred Admissions program must meet the following requirements as sophomores to be eligible for the early cross-campus application deadline of December 1. Students not meeting these requirements can apply through the normal cross-campus transfer application process, which has a deadline of February 1. Note: Preferred admissions may be limited based on capacity.

Eligibility criteria:

Maintain overall 3.3 GPA.

Complete prerequisite courses (SI 106, SI 110, Stats 250, and first-year writing course) with a B grade or better.

Earn a minimum of 54 credits (sophomore standing).

Attend a BSI information session.

Meet with a UMSI advisor regularly to assess academic progress and ensure they are taking advantage of appropriate academic and UMSI resources.

Engage in and accumulate evidence of involvement with the School of Information.

Apply by the early cross-campus application deadline of December 1 (application includes two essays and resume).