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University of Michigan School of Information


320 - Graphic Design

Graphic Design --- The conceptual part of the course covers the graphic design theory discourse. Students will reinforce the practical application of critical thinking; will learn how to apply it to a broader cultural, technological, and social context. Students will develop their aesthetic sensibilities and design skills through mastering visual language vocabulary, understanding principles of effective visual communication, solving creative problems, and developing analytical thinking, promoting thus their ability to respond professionally to rapidly changing needs of the modern world. While studying the elements of color, layout and grids, typography, illustrations, and web/digital design, students will build their own portfolio, in the hands-on part of the course, students will explore issues at the intersection of visual information and technology. They will work on versatile tasks related to digital graphic productions for web: file formats and images, background textures, collages, UI elements, grid-based website mockups for CSS frameworks. The tools and features of Adobe Creative Suite will allow students to get the necessary skills, providing them with hands-on experience, and familiarizing them with the standard professional tasks of the always-changing world of digital environment.
Credit Hours 4


  • SI 206 or concurrent or SI 339 or EECS 182 or EECS 183