SI 531: Human Interaction in Information Retrieval

This course explores search user experience, search behavior, and evaluation in information retrieval systems. The purpose of this course is to introduce theory, research, and practice in relation to search user interfaces, search tasks, search queries, search user experience, interactive information retrieval, and IR evaluation. Students will be encouraged to consider the nature of interaction with information in various search systems, including Web search engines, multimedia search systems, mobile search systems, and social Q&A services. Students will have opportunities to discuss and critique empirical user studies in the field of information retrieval focusing on user experience and human-centric evaluation to assess the quality of search systems. Upon completion of this course, students will have: (1) An understanding of the fundamental concepts and major models in the field of interactive information retrieval; (2) Familiarity with the state of the art of search interface design and design challenges in search systems; (3) Familiarity with search user experience in various search systems; (4) Skills and knowledge in designing experimental studies to evaluate information retrieval systems; (5) An ability to apply appropriate criteria and measures for information retrieval evaluation. View syllabus

Credit Hours: 3
Advisory prerequisites:
Required prerequisites:

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