SI 604: Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Technology: Business and Regulatory Issues

This course is one of four interdisciplinary problem solving courses offered at the Law School in the fall 2017. Graduate and professional students in business, economics, engineering, information, law, and public policy are eligible to take this course. This problem solving course will challenge an interdisciplinary team of students to address a real-world problem in the rapidly evolving connected and autonomous vehicle landscape. The Detroit Metro area and the University of Michigan are leading the world in researching and deploying technological advances in vehicle connectivity and automation. The potential benefits of "driverless cars" are widely understood, but the path to getting from the current state of human driving to a world of interconnected and self-driven vehicles entails an overwhelming confluence of technological, legal, regulatory, political, and business issues. This course will focus on one particular problem -- the coordination of intellectual property rights, business assets, and technological standardization by industry and governmental, and academic experts. Students working in interdisciplinary sub-teams will dive deeply into particular aspects of the problem, and the course culminates in the creation of an integrated class deliverable in the form of a business or operational plan proposing concrete solutions.

Credit Hours: 3
Advisory prerequisites:
Required prerequisites:

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