SI 637: Research Seminar on Archives and Institutions of Social Memory

This course is a research seminar. Readings, discussions, and assignments focus on the central themes of the seminar: how collective memory is constructed and transferred over time and what roles documents, artifacts, and archival institutions play in capturing, conveying, and distorting collective memory. To accomplish this we explore a range of theories of collective memory, the historical relationships between orality and literacy, and postmodern perspectives on archives and why "the archive" has become a problematic concept. We examine the shifting connections between history, archives, and memory, as well as explore the relationships between memory and heritage, identity, and trauma. Different methodological approaches are reviewed to uncover how collective memory is mediated through phases of creation, dissemination, and reception. View syllabus

Credit Hours: 3
Advisory prerequisites: SI 580/HISTORY 600 or permission of instructor
Required prerequisites:

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