SI 688: Global Information Engagement Program

In this course, student teams will leverage their emergent skills in user-centered design, contextual inquiry, needs assessment, product ideation, data analysis, and consultation in an information context. Students will gain a deep understanding of the complex relationships between people, information, and technology to address a context -sensitive information challenge (management, access, design ICT-related) faced by participating NGOs, heritage, and government organizations. Student teams will work with select public-sector organizations on information projects with high societal impact. Students will undertake a half-term of preparatory coursework, including developing an understanding of the project and culture of the partner organization, and various other pre-departure activities. Student teams then travel to an international location in May - June to design and implement an information solution. This program fulfills the internship requirement for MSI students; MHI students will need approval from MHI program leadership to determine internship fulfillment. View syllabus

Credit Hours: 6
Advisory prerequisites:
Required prerequisites:

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